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   Welcome on EchoLink Monaco 3A2MZ-L

            Hello Echolinkers ! Here is some informations about our system in Monaco. This project have been started two month ago and now it's close to be installed on his futur permanent site on quai Antoine 1er in downtown of Monaco.

This page is made to share the passion of our project with you. If you want to know more about evolution of 3A2MZ-L please come back to this page often.

Caracteristics are : 10 Watts Motorola Tranceiver, Antenna Omni 3 dB, 800 meters above sea level,  Pentium II Compaq, DSL connection through WiFi link, node number : 110031

To join us, download the Echolink software at this address : http://www.echolink.org

 You can click on the photos to enlarge

At this time Echolink system is installed on the site of the broadcast center of MCR at 800 meters over the sea, just above Monaco, situation is perfect for Monaco and also for Italie and French Riviera.

Here is the view of the mast and antenna, it's a VHF/UHF Comet antenna gain 3 dB. Hey ! I'm looking good on the mast ?

These are pictures of the system, one rack is for the radio,  Motorola 12 Watts Mobile Tranceiver, with the serial  interface, BF transformer and power supply. Rack was made by Christophe F1JKE.

Computer is a Pentium II 300 MHz the link for DSL is made by a WiFi 4500 meters Link. Computer of Jean Luc F6HOY.

The shack is looking like that at this time... thanks to XYL Inga who can understand the passion of Ham ! !

Contact us :

Hervé 3A2MZ - F6GLS : pichat@club-internet.fr

Jean-Luc F6HOY : jlc@netbay.mc

Christophe F1JKE : f1jke@stella-net.fr